The Kingdom of the Seven Clouds

by Georgia Lohan

Dedicated to Albert and his playful imagination

Once upon a sun, just a few miles away from the Kingdom of Clumsiness, another magnificent kingdom arose. This kingdom was constructed from seven clouds and was governed by the famous emperor, Mister Cloudy.

These clouds were made up of different shapes and colors. Some of them were square, like Blue, Pink, and Red; some were round, like Purple; and some had a strange rectangular form, like Green and Yellow. White had no shape at all. They lived in perfect harmony because each of them knew what they had to do. Red’s best friend was Sunnix, and he went with Sunnix every day on his beautiful promenade in the sky. Pink always loved storms, and this was why he created thunder with his uncle, Flasher. Blue was the best dancer of them all, so every night he would dress up in a glittery orange suit and would tango among the stars. Green was the funniest of the clouds, and he would whisper the smartest jokes into people’s ears. Yellow and Purple took care of the moon, and every night they would dress in black suits to paint the moon with different shades of silver.


And White…well, he was one special cloud! Since their emperor, Mister Cloudy, couldn’t find any special power for White, he would let him wander around Earth and the other kingdoms just to have fun! He would reflect his shadow on Earth, and while people tried to catch his reflection, he would disappear.

One day, he was wandering around the streets of Romasia, the loveliest kingdom, and as he was playing, a little boy named Albert approached him. He had brown eyes and sparkly amber hair. On his head, he wore a beaded hat. In his hand, he also had a butterfly net that he used to catch shadows with! He tried for months and months to catch White but with no luck…until one day when he decided to talk to him:

Hello, you funny cloud! Why do you keep fooling around? I just want to be your friend!”

White was so surprised since nobody from Romasia ever tried to talk to him, so he decided to answer:

Hello, little explorer! What do you want?”

What I really want is to see your real shape!” the little boy responded with excitement in his voice.

But I have no shape! My brothers all have important roles in the universe, but I am worthless. I have no shape and no special color!”

No, you are not worthless! I think you are perfect! Remember the day when you came to my street and reflected the shape of a boat in my yard? You made me so happy! And the other day when you encouraged me before I had my final celebration at kindergarten? You are a true friend!”

Thank you! I think that if I am so special to you, I will begin to see my true color! Even if I have a strange shape and am not colorful, I can help people realize how special they are, the same way you did for me,” said White while blushing.

The two of them made a pact that they would meet each Wednesday on M Street to play and discover new shapes, colors, and shadows! In a true friendship, the soul is what matters, not the shape. So if you pass by M Street, don’t be shocked to see White and Albert having fun and getting ready for a new adventure!

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    1. Thank you, Marilia! Please, let me know if you enjoy other stories as well! I am sending you my warmest regards!

  1. Hi! I like the story. White reminded me of myself while the boy represent the people who are inspiring me to carry on with what I want to achieve in life. I like the characters and the worlds you created. Keep up the good work!

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