The First Dance of Francis

by Georgia Lohan

This is a story about a flamingo who fulfilled his dream.


There once was a graceful pink flamingo named Francis.He lived in the Republic of Dancilandia, a beautiful territory not far from the well-known Kingdom of Clumsiness.  Dancilanders, the inhabitants of this amazing republic, loved Francis because he was very funny and always made everyone laugh. Still, there was one thing that Francis could not do, and that was dance.

Now, you could tell me that this is not such a big deal! And you are right, but when you live in the Republic of Dancilandia, you really have to know how to dance in style! Every year, Dancilandia’s marvellous dancing festival would bring flamingos from all over the world to this special place. They would take dance classes for years just to make sure that they had a chance to shine in this dance competition.

This year, Francis decided that is was his turn to shine! Even though he had tried every year and always took last place, he felt that this was his chance! This was why he would go outside and would begin dancing under the shimmering moon. Even the stars would giggle at his clumsiness! While he was stumbling over a stone, the big-hearted moon decided to speak to him:

“Francis, wait a second!”

Scared, the pink flamingo lifted his eyes up to see the glorious moon with a dreamy smile on her face.

“Oh dear! I didn’t know you could talk!”

“Well, you never asked!” laughed the lovely moon. “This time I am the one who has decided to talk to you! I have a solution for your graceless dance.”

“Really?” Francis replied with tears in his eyes.

“Yes! Have you thought that maybe all these years while you were dancing you were listening to the unappropriated music? Together with the stars we will sing for you!

What Francis saw next was an amazing show:  eleven stars held colourful guitars in their tiny hands, and the moon took a glittery microphone and began to sing a brand new song.

The pink flamingo, who until that moment had seemed uncoordinated, began dancing elegantly! Now he was ready to be a part of Dancilandia’s famous festival!

He made sure that he was the last one to enter the competition since he would need the moon and the stars to be up. From the audience, he sat and admired all the contestants who went before him: blue flamingos that amazed the judges with a flawless tango, grey flamingos that cha-cha-ed their way to the finals, and purple flamingos that simply rock and rolled their way to success.

When it was Francis’s turn, he had the biggest surprise. The moon and the stars climbed down from the sky on a ladder, and their concert took place right next to the judge’s table! With courage and charisma, our pink flamingo showed off his unknown moves! The jury simply stood up as they were not expecting this from a competitor whose name had been last on the list all of these years!

He was definitely the winner! The stars came to congratulate him, and Francis had the brilliant idea to have one final dance with all the contestants after he shared the following words:

“For all the flamingos from the Republic of Dancilandia, I have a message! Never give up! Even if the music doesn’t help you right now, you still have another chance to look for one that fits you!”

This is how the competition was transformed into an occasion where flamingos from all over the world came to find the perfect song for their moves. From time to time, the moon climbed down the ladder and sang surprising melodies that would warm the hearts of the dancing flamingos.


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    1. Thank you so much, Roger! I hope that you will also enjoy the next stories that are going to be published! Please, feel free to contact us any time and leave us your suggestions!
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  1. Hi! Your story was amazing! I really like Francis. He’s cute and funny. I would like to tell you that pink flamingos can be seen in the Danube Delta from time to time, but it’s a rare chance to see them because they don’t stop there often. Back to your story, I would like to tell you that it inspired me to go on achieving my goals despite the obstacles. Thank you, Georgia! Whenever I read your stories and talk to you I feel so much better. Thank you for bringing a smile on everyone’s faces and for brightening my day!

    1. Dear Laura,

      Your words mean so much to me ! From a storyteller to another one, I can tell you that it is amazing to see that other artist appreciate my work! This would not be possible without the help of my talented illustrator Andra Morosan ! You can check her page as well and be ready to take a trip to a fantastic universe! Please, feel free to write my anytime for any other suggestions!

      Have a nice evening,

      1. You too, Georgia! I’m honored to have a friend like you. It’s the first time that I’ve met someone who share the same passion for storytelling and creative writing. We’ll keep in touch!

        Have a nice evening!

        Best wishes,

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