The day Wednesday got away

Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Clumsiness 7 sisters were born:









(Nowadays they are known as the days of the week)

The sisters were fond of each other and they used to play together all day long. They enjoyed dancing and cooking very much. Everything was great until their father King Month told them:  Your purpose is to make people happy and each one of you has 24 hours to come up with a brilliant idea.

Monday offered people a sunny day and a smiling sky.

Tuesday came with a windy day but she knew that the weather was perfect for a walk in the park.

Thursday came up with a perfect plan: a little bit of rain in the morning and a marvellous rainbow in the afternoon.

Friday talked to Saturday and together they welcomed their cousin the Winter. She was the one who froze the Earth and…

Saturday offered people snowflakes…ah dancing snowflakes that were hugging the cosy scarves.

Sunday draw on the sky a big smiling sun that would invite people outside to build a snowman.


Oh…wait! What about Wednesday? Has anyone seen her?

If you have, could you please ask her about her plan?






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  1. Hi! I like the story about the days of the week. The last time I saw Wednesday, she was at my house helping me find more information about magical creatures for a children’s book that I’m translating. She told me that her plan is to announce weekend’s arrival and give people a nice weather so that they can buy all the things they need to survive at wintertime. At least that’s what she told me.

    1. I really love it! I am still looking for her…maybe next time tell her that she has to come by my house so that we can write together a continuation of the story!

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