The Correlation Between Reading and Success

By Georgia Lohan

We love talking about reading at Rafael the Unicorn. I believe wholeheartedly that reading is so important for children. It helps them build their creativity, identify with their emotions, learn social skills, and it breeds success. If you think I’m giving too much credit to reading, think again.

Research shows that reading is a major part of success

Thomas Corley, the bestselling author of Rich Habits, spent five years researching the habits of both the rich and poor. His findings showed that reading was a significant factor between the two. For example, “86% of the wealthy loved reading vs. 26% for the poor”. It was also found in his research that over 85% of the wealthy spent at least 30 minutes reading each day compared to only 2% of the poor.

Here are a few reasons why reading can lead to success:

  1. You develop focus

It takes focus to read through a book. If you are always jumping from one activity to another and don’t learn to sit and stay focused you will never finish a book. This is a skill that directly applies to success. You can’t be successful if you lack focus in getting your work done.

  1. You learn to set and achieve goals

People don’t usually feel like they are setting goals when they read, but it’s exactly what they are doing. Many people either have a certain number of pages they are trying to read or they are reading for a set amount of time. The most successful people are goal setters that set clear goals and then work hard on achieving those goals.

  1. They can think outside of the box

People that read often, and those that read a variety of topics, are able to think outside of the box. Their world has been expanded outside of what they would normally be exposed to in their daily life. They are able to learn about new ideas and different ways of doing things. This helps people to succeed by teaching them different ways to look at situations.

  1. They are skilled at writing and speaking

People that read often tend to have a larger vocabulary. This allows them to be stronger writers and speakers. Improved communication helps people to build good relationships and can be used to create a network to further their career.

  1. They are informed and educated

Successful people read books to learn. They aren’t simply reading for enjoyment. They are seeing what they can take away from the book and apply to their life. This is true even when they are reading fiction. They are always looking for life lessons that they can take away from the books that they are reading.

  1. You learn how to process information better

The University of Toronto scholars conducted a study where they found that reading fictional literature helped to improve decision-making skills. Those that were readers had a better ability to process information and were more creative in their decisions.

Improve your child’s future

Do you want to help improve your child’s chance of success in the future? Start reading to them. Teach them the importance of reading each day. Allow them to read to you. And, as they get older encourage them to read a variety of books, including non-fiction.

When a doctor tells you that your child will be healthier if they eat a certain way or take a certain vitamin, wouldn’t you help them to do what the doctor said? Of course! You want your child to have a great future. Well, the same is true for reading. You can improve your child’s future success by teaching them to make reading a habit today.


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  1. Hi!
    I’ve read the article and it’s interesting. But I have to remind you that it all depends on the education one receives from his family, friends and society and that it doesn’t depend on the social class one’s from. I’ve read books and seen people from high social classes who are illiterate and who said that reading is a waste of time, while some people from the middle and low social class came up with brilliant ideas, invented many things which are now good for mankind, read almost everything they lay their hands on, made extraordinary discoveries and who are smarter than others. An example is from our country where a little girl from a village happened to be bright, read everything she got her hands on, was doing incredibly well at school and had to take care of her sick mother and of her brothers and sisters too. She also had to care for the elderly to earn a living. She was a smart girl despite being poor. Many geniuses come from middle and low classes, not from nobility neither from high social classes.
    Keep on writing!

    Best wishes,

    1. Post

      You are right, Georgiana ! There are so many factors that can influence the development of a child and sometimes parents forget that they can be a role model for their children and they have to be careful how they act around them! I wish you a wonderful autumn, Georgia

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