Stories – Imagine, Believe, Achieve

By Georgia Lohan

It is undeniable that reading stories to your child is important for their development. You can help them unlock their potential, build a strong bond in your relationship, and help shape their world. However, not all children’s stories are equal. There are shelves upon shelves of books at stores and libraries that will not help your child accomplish these things. That’s why when you choose stories that include the three key ingredients—imagine, believe, and achieve. 


When you read stories to your child you want their imagination to run wild. You want them to imagine all the things that are possible for them. Stories can help your child to do this by painting beautiful images of what the characters are experiencing. We can use the stories that we read to teach our children to imagine and dream big. We want their minds to be filled with all the things that they can dream up to achieve in their life. Children’s minds are full of potential and the stories we read can help them to open up their minds and imagine all kinds of new ideas. 


We want our children to believe in themselves and the power that they can accomplish what they set out to do. No one wants to teach their child that they will not be able to reach their goals and accomplish their dreams. So, we need to choose stories for our children that teach them how to believe. Stories should tell about brave characters that decided to believe with all their heart that they could do what they set out to do.

Children should learn the power of believing through the stories that they hear. There are enough things as they grow that will teach them that life can be tough. So, while they are little we want to shape their minds and teach them to never give up on believing in themselves and others. 


We want to teach children that they can achieve big things in life. Stories can help empower children. We want children to learn that they can achieve the dreams that they imagine. Through stories, children can be introduced to the concept of a growth mindset—that they can develop skills and talents that allow them to achieve their goals. 

How this looks in story form

To see how these concepts play out in the form of a story, let’s look at The First Dance of Francis. Francis is a flamingo that longs to dance well at the annual festival where he lives. He has tried in the past and failed, but he imagines that he can do it. This is going to be his year. He believes with all his heart that he can dance better this year and he sets out to work hard and practice. A surprise guide comes along to help him and because Francis continues to believe in what he imagined he could do it turns out that he achieves his goal. 

These are the types of stories that you want your children to read and listen to. Their young minds should be filled with positive stories that teach them to imagine, believe, and achieve. 

A recipe for success

There is a cookie recipe that calls for only three ingredients—peanut butter, egg, and sugar. Each of these ingredients is useful on its own and each can be used in other recipes, but you cannot make the three-ingredient cookie without each one of these items. If you have sugar and eggs but no peanut butter you will not be able to make these cookies. And the same is true for the other two ingredients as well. We can apply the same concept to the stories we read our children.

There are some stories that only include one or two of these key ingredients, but those stories are missing something so important. You cannot reach the same desired result if the stories you read to your little ones do not include each of the key ingredients—imagine, believe, achieve. 

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  1. Hi!
    How are you? I just wanted you to know that I’ve read the article and I like it. You always give useful advice that can also be put to practice. I’ve always believed in imagination and creativity ever since I was little. And I still am now as a young adult. The only creativity I agree with is the one that comes from our imagination and feelings, not the one that include imitation and plagiarism or stealing others’ ideas like I experienced when I was at high school. The reason I enjoy children’s literature and fiction most is because they make my imagination work. The worlds created by the authors make me learn about myself and the world in most cases. They also give me hope since we live in a chaotic world where what isn’t normal has more rights than what is normal. Don’t worry, there are some people and things that are positive too. So not everything is grey.
    Anyway, keep on writing, Georgia!

    All the best,

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