Sophia, the Girl with Butterflies in Her Hair


Once upon a time, so long ago that I cannot remember exactly when it was, a cute little girl was born. Her name was Sophia. She had pale porcelain skin and long brown hair, and she was always smiling. What Sophia loved the most was wintertime, when she could watch the enchanting dance of the snowflakes.

Now imagine a dreamful November spent listening to the magical music of the woods dancing through the chimney. Sophia stood for hours with her grandmother Irene just listening to this fascinating music and asking for one more fairy tale. Normally, her grandmother told her stories about fantastic creatures or enchanted places, but that day she wanted something special for her granddaughter.

“Sophia, today I am going to tell you the butterflies story.”

“I can’t wait to hear it!” Sophia exclaimed. “I know it will be very special,” she said as she closed her eyes.

“The story began 10 years ago, at your birth. I decided to give you one special gift that has been handed down from one generation to the next. I gave you butterflies in your hair! They are a reminder of the fact that you should always be a glimpse of hope and love to those around you. This is why you are always smiling! You have colourful butterflies in your hair that remind you to be kind and joyful.”

“Grandma,” replied Sophia,” I love this story! But I can’t understand why I cannot see these butterflies.”

Irene took Sophia`s right hand and placed it on her heart. Then she said, “Close your eyes and listen!”

Sophia did exactly what Irene told her, and indeed she could hear the beating of the butterflies’ wings. All this time the butterflies had been in her hair, protecting her!

“Thank you, Grandma Irene for this story! I still have one question for you though: Do you think that other kids have butterflies in their hair?”

“My sweet child, if they listen carefully, they can definitely hear the butterflies talking.”

Now, I wonder who else has butterflies in their hair. What do they tell you?







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  1. I like the story. The butterflies in Sophia’s hair reminded me of imagination, happiness, kindness, hope and optimism. Thank you for the story, Georgia!

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