Shape Your Child’s World Through Stories

  by Georgia Lohan


Do you love cuddling up with your little ones to read them a story? As parents, we have been told how important this bonding time is with our children. It gives us time to share with them where they have our undivided attention, which is hard to come by in this busy world. It also exposes them to literacy and helps them learn pronunciations and to recognize words. Even though these are important reasons to read to your children there is another one that should not be forgotten—you can help shape your child’s world through stories.

Stories help develop the imagination

As children listen to stories they are introduced to new ideas both real and make-believe. These ideas help to open their mind and their world to new possibilities. If you ever sit back and listen to children play you will quickly notice that what they are “playing” is directly related to something they have been exposed to in life. Stories expose them to experiences that they don’t have in their daily life, therefore, helping to expand and develop their imagination. Through stories, children can learn to create silly ideas, new characters, and fantasy worlds.

Stories teach children to understand emotions

Emotions are an important part of our world. Children need to learn how to identify their own emotions. Children also need to learn to identify the emotions that others are experiencing to build empathy. When children see characters in stories dealing with different emotions they begin to learn the proper way to handle their own emotions.

Mental health is a growing problem in all ages around the world. But, our children are the ones that are seeing the largest increases in those facing mental health challenges. This is more than alarming. We can change this epidemic through reading to our children. The more they can handle their emotions properly the more it will help them as they grow and mature.

Stories teach children about other cultures

We live in a world full of diversity and it’s important that our children understand what this means. Through stories, children can learn about all the different people in the world. The world runs into problems when people don’t understand each other. We are often afraid of things we don’t understand. Children can learn through stories about people that are different than they are. This will help them to see that just because people are different it doesn’t mean they are bad.

Choose stories carefully

Not all stories are created equal. It’s important to consider which stories you are reading to your children. Choose ones that are uplifting and encouraging. Look for stories that will teach your child important life lessons through the life of fun and creative characters. Storytime should be something that your child enjoys in the present that also helps prepare them for a successful future (and remember that fun should be a part of it).



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  1. Agree, and I’d add that children’s stories are beneficial for grown-ups too.
    While children can develop imagination, adults many times would need to recover the capacity of imagination and fantasy they had when they were children.
    Children can learn about emotions, adults as well can live emotions through children’s stories, learn again to look at the world with children’s eyes, with wonder, surprise, and joy for the little things that at the end are often the most important ones.
    And how much we all have still to learn about different cultures and people different from us!
    I write novels for children a little older than those you refer to, and with that I try to say something to grown-ups too, as I myself love reading children’s book.

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      Thank you, Matteo! I really appreciate your perspective! The fact that adults sometimes forget what a special ability is to use their imagination, is a motivation for us, the writers, to highlight that stories are meant not only for kids, but also for the inner child of every human being! May you have an inspired day and I am really looking forward to reading your stories!

  2. thank you for this beautiful page. I am a child psychologist and I love the part where you mention mental health and how stories can prevent mental health diseases. I run social skills group and often I make children build their own stories collaboratively. I also love to see how they play and often when they can make a clear story it shows that they have a good balance and well organized inner world. I feel that there is too much negativity in the cartoons and that makes them often play in a negative way ( that is how they process the emotions that they experience watching those things). We really need to chose more carefully the stories that we tell to our children to help them balance that. I love your stories because they bring positive values and help them growing in their heart and soul.

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  3. This is so true. I write books about a young girl who travels to different countries where she learns about the people, culture and a bit of the history. My hope is that children and adults who read my books will begin to understand that it’s our differences that make each of us special. Reading is instrumental in making the world a more compassionate place.

    1. Hello Darlene and thank you so much for sharing your passion with us! I would love to know more about the book you have written! Thank you for highlighting the importance of reading in children development and also as a crucial instrument in today’s society! Please, feel free to drop me a line if you have any more suggestions ! Georgia

  4. Hi!

    I like the article and I like how you mentioned about imagination, emotions, mental health and culture. We can also help our children learn about the culture of their country by reading stories that have to do with the folklore, mythology, traditions and customs about the country they live in. There are many books which can teach our children history and other useful things. We only have to search for these book carefully. I like it when you said that stories can help children deal with different emotions because nowadays, there are many children and grown-ups who are emotionally imbalanced.
    Thanks for the advice and I like your writings.

    All the best,

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      Thank you, Georgiana for always sharing your amazing ideas with me and also with the readers from RAFAELTHEUNICORN! I am sending positive vibes to you! Have an amazing day!

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