Riana and Sparkle, the Magical Bunny

by Georgia Lohan

Dedicated to my niece Riana, the one who made me realise that nothing is impossible!

There once was a beautiful little girl named Riana. She had blond straight, long hair and big blue eyes. Riana was very happy because she had received a bunny for her birthday. This was a one-of-a-kind bunny. He had shimmering fur and always seemed to smile at Riana. After days and days of thinking what she should name the bunny, a great idea popped into her head: She would name him Sparkle!

Riana and Sparkle had great times together, but what the little girl didn’t enjoy that much was that Sparkle always stayed in his cage. She really wanted to get her friendly little bunny out to play! So one day she got a great idea! What if she could keep Sparkle right next to her? Maybe this way the time would pass easily. As Riana worked on her homework with her right hand, she pet Sparkle with the other hand. When the cute, furry bunny decided to go for a walk, she waved at him and continued doing her homework while assuring him that she would be out in a second. As she put her hand on her pink notebook, she saw tiny sprinkles of sparkles that began dancing with her letters. They took a hold of her pen, and in ten minutes, all of the math exercises were solved!

Wow! Sparkle has magical powers, Riana thought.

He did indeed have magical powers, but the girl did not yet know that it was all coming from his fur.

Riana knew now that her life would be so easy. When her grandmother asked her to pick up her toys, she would just ask for Sparkle’s help. With just a little bit of the shimmering dust from his fur, everything was in place. A math test? No problem. Riana put the magical bunny in her backpack, and she would touch her pen to his fur during the test.

Everything seemed perfect in the life of the little girl…but one thing was missing! Something priceless: Sparkle’s smile! As the days went by, his fur became grey and dull, and the shimmering quality was gone. He was so sad that he wouldn’t smile even when he got an appetizing, ginormous carrot.

Riana knew that something was wrong, so she asked her grandmother what was wrong with her beloved bunny. Grannie M. explained to her that she knew it was Sparkle’s special powers that helped her finish her chores so quickly. She told the little girl that the little bunny wanted to have her love and to not feel used. Grannie M. suggested that Riana begin doing all her daily tasks by herself and then asking the bunny to check them!

And so she did! The first day was quite difficult, but after the second and the third days, she knew she was doing the right thing. Sparkle regained his fairy fur that sparkled brightly, and Riana gained the confidence that she could do things on her own.

Of course, from time to time, Sparkle would give her some glittery dust to help her finish her homework faster just so they could go outside to play!

P.S. This is their little secret, so please don’t tell Grannie M.

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  1. Your story is amazing! The lessons that I’ve learned from reading it are: don’t take someone for granted, learn to give credit to those who help you and learn to do things on your own.

    1. Thank you, Georgiana-Laura! And one more lesson: don`t forget to notice the sparkles that surround you!

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