Read a Story, shape a life!

by Georgia Lohan

Stories play a crucial role in the development of your child. When you read a story to your little one you are doing more than just spending time together, you are investing in her and shaping her life. 

Teach your child about emotions

Fantasies and stories help your child to learn about emotions. When they see the character in a story experiencing an emotion it helps them to learn to identify the emotion.  It also shows them that they are not alone. For example, if you read your child the story Kayden, the Bravest Boy they will see a child that struggled and overcame a fear. They will see that it is normal to have feelings of fear, but that they can choose to be courageous as well. 


The more your child understands emotions the faster they will be able to identify it in themselves and others. This not only helps them to be emotionally healthy but empathetic with those around them. 

Language and learning skills are connected with confidence

You have probably heard it mentioned that reading to your child helps them to become strong readers. But, have you heard that when children can read well they tend to have a higher level of confidence. That means not only are you helping them to become better readers by reading with them you are also helping them to become more confident in everything they do. 

From the earliest picture books for infants books can be used to teach basic life concepts. Infants and toddlers learn colors, shapes, and basic identification words from books. As children grow stories grow right along with them. They learn new words and their meanings through stories. The best part is that while children are learning things from shapes and colors to things like compassion and perseverance they don’t even realize they are learning. They are enjoying being taken into the fantasy world that the story seems to build around them. While they see the words of the book play out in front of them they are developing their learning and language skills and growing their confidence. 

Stories help children to relax

We know that life is stressful for adults, but we often fail to see that the same is true for children. They are in the process of constantly learning and developing their skills. They are regularly faced with new challenges that they have not navigated before. This could be as simple as meeting a new friend to experiencing a major life event like the addition of a new brother or sister, or parents getting divorced. Reading to your child shows them a healthy way to relax and unwind from the day. This helps them to sleep better and build a good habit that can be carried into adult life.

Develop their imaginations

Stories open up a child’s mind and help them to develop their imagination. While some adults believe that imagination is not necessary and only for children, they are wrong. Developing a strong imagination helps children build their creativity. This is an asset as they grow into adults and enter the workforce. Imagination builds creativity skills which help children with problem-solving as well.  

At Rafael the Unicorn we work to incorporate aspects into your stories to help build imagination, play up fantasy, and include emotion or other real-life scenarios that children can relate to. Rafalandia is Rafael’s universe. It’s a place where all children are welcome to come and discover inspirational tales. And, it’s also a place where adults can become part of a great community of like-minded individuals. 

It has been proven through different studies that the experiences and environment that you create for your child when they are young plays a big part of who they become as adults. If you want to raise a confident and capable adult, shape their lives by reading them stories. 






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