Part 2 The Untold Story of Vlad from Transylvania

by Georgia Lohan

I did not come all of this way just to go home! I thought to myself. I will take a walk through this garden first and come back in a few minutes. 

But first I will take my roller skates off.

I left my roller skates at the entrance and slowly opened the gate. Surprisingly, it was not locked!

As I made my way over a pathway made out of colourful leaves, I could see many shades of red. There were hundreds of cherry tree! Some were rose coloured, while some were the colour of rubies. It was amazing! I had never seen so many cherries in my entire life.




“Hello! Is anybody here? I came to visit!” I called. I was curious to know where Vlad the grandson was. Maybe this was the secret—that there really was no grandson, and I would have to meet the old vampire…. Now I began to shake from fear.

From far away, I could hear the sound of an engine.

“I must hide,” I said to myself, and I hid behind a ginormous cherry tree to wait. Then I saw a cute vampire who was driving a special car! So strange! The vampire was wearing a purple poncho and had a silver crown on his head. The unusual vehicle that he was driving had a mechanism on the back where the cherries were collected and the juice was poured into colourful bottles.

“Hello, Vlad! I am so happy to finally meet you!”

I was so excited, but Vlad was so frightened that he ran into a tree and fell over his cherry-picking and juice-making machine. As he fell, he stumbled over his poncho, and his crown tumbled off his head.

The clumsy little vampire stood up and looked me in my eyes as he said, “You should go away, little boy! Didn’t you see the picture of my grandfather at the entrance? He is scary!”

“Yes,” I giggled, “but you are not!” I said as I rushed to give him a hug.

Little Vlad immediately blushed and said, “Okay, okay! I will tell you the untold story!”

“My amazing grandfather was the scariest vampire in all of the kingdoms of Transylvania! Then he retired, and I had to somehow take his place! But unlike him, I came up with a new idea: Why should we vampires be known for bloody facts when we can instead drink cherry juice and be kind to people! I even send the best cherry ice cream to all the kingdoms just so they can see that a new era has begun! We don’t want to be enemies anymore! I want to make people understand that we are friendly.”

I could not hide my joy anymore and exclaimed, “Hooray! I knew there was something different about this grandson that no one ever saw!”

“Now I only need to find a new formula for my juice…since I cannot find white cherries here in Transylvania! Maybe you can help me!” the vampire said hopefully.

“I will gladly help you! I will come by next week with a little white cherry three…but only if you promise me one thing!”

“Of course—anything,” Vlad said.

“I want you to promise me that you will let me meet your grandfather!”

“It’s a deal!”



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  1. Hello! I love the story and it reminded me about how many people these days prefer to misinterpret and misjudge others and situations instead of getting to know them and find out more about the situation. To tell you the truth. I like cherries and fruit in general. Keep on writing, Georgia!

    1. Thank you, Georgiana! I do hope that this story will encourage children to enjoy eating more fruits as well! Sending you my best regards!

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