Part 1 The Untold Story of Vlad from Transylvania


                                                    Fearlessly written by Georgia Lohan



Once upon a time, when the sun had seemed to lose his glittery aspect, I decided to explore the land of dragons and vampires. When I was a little child, my grandfather used to tell me the legend of Vlad the Vampire Emperor. Vlad would not let people grow their own vegetables, he would steal their favourite books, and he made all the ice cream in Transylvania disappear.

Now, you may ask me, “Why would you go there to meet such a frightful vampire?”

Calm down—I am not going to visit the elder Vlad! I heard that he has a grandson, and I am so eager to meet him.

My name is Jimmy, and I am sure that you remember me from the time I stole Winter




Now I really love all seasons, but enough talk about seasons! I really need to go find Vlad the grandson so he can tell me more about his grandfather!

I have decided to explore the incredible land of Transylvania on roller skates! I have five pairs, but today I am going to wear the purple ones! I packed a few things in my orange backpack and the followed the rut-filled road to the darkest woods of Transylvania. Along the road, I admired all the tall, talking trees. They were so friendly! One of them even offered me some freshly ripened apples to take along as a snack on my journey. Apart from the trees, no other plants grew in the dark forest. Hundreds of colourful owls guarded the immense trees! Some of them were tiny, while others were as tall as the trees. I tried talking to them several times, but all they did was blink! They must not be able to speak, and blinking is their special language.

“I love this place so much! It really makes me wonder if there is anything scary about it!” I said aloud.

After skating a long way to meet this curious and strange modern-day hero, I saw a sign indicating my final destination:

To the fearsome VLAD

“Yes! Finally!” I exclaimed with excitement in my voice but fear in my heart!

As I reached the entrance to Vlad’s residence, I saw a golden gate that was so shiny that I could barely look at it. I also saw a big picture of Vlad, the old vampire, and the following written below it:

Do not enter! Dangerous vampire! Turn around and go home!



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    1. Thank you so much, Georgiana! Please, let us know if you think that a story split in 2 parts it’s a good idea! I am sending you my best wishes and a lot of inspiration!

      1. Yes, it is. By splitting it in two creates suspense among readers and it will make them ask themselves “What’s gonna happen next?”. Keep on writing, Georgia!

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