Noni and Dogo in the United Kingdom of Biscuits

By Georgia Lohan

Once upon a time, when everything seemed to be oh so fine, two less famous inhabitants of the Kingdom of Clumsiness (KC) decided to show up in my story! Since I promised to tell their adventure, here it is:

Noni and Dogo are two bear brothers who lived in the adorable Kingdom of Clumsiness. Noni was the tallest of the two, and he loved to wear a blue and red striped T-shirt, jean shorts, green socks, and, of course, blue sneakers. Dogo wore a red t-shirt with green polka dots, blue jeans, red socks, and, of course, red sneakers. Since they were still in school, what they loved the most was to wander all over the widespread territory of KC.  

One day they decided to take a school trip on the school bus near the border of the kingdom. They were so excited about this trip that they packed food and drinks for all their classmates too. On this random Wednesday, they started the journey in the bright yellow school bus. While they admired the beautiful landscape, they suddenly heard a strange noise as the school bus broke down! “Oh no!” they said. “Now we have to wait for another bus to come or will have to wait here while it gets fixed!”

“Maybe we can sneak outside and see what is nearby in this dark forest that we can see through the window,” Noni whispered. They went outside while all their classmates decided to take a nap while the bus was getting repaired.


The entrance of this forest looked a little bit unusual as it was dark and some sparkles of light could be seen coming from its centre. As they advanced, a glimpse of pink could be seen! In the centre of this forest, something that was never seen or heard of until that time arose: a rich plantation of pink baobabs of different heights with a green one in the middle of them a green one! Since this last one was the most appealing of them all, the two of them decided to take the elevator to reach the top of this beautiful baobab. At the top, they found a shiny golden door, where they knocked hesitantly. At their knock, a beautiful biscuit came out! It wasn’t a normal biscuit; it was a queen dressed in a silvery dress and wearing a pink crown on her head. Noni and Dogo had never seen such creature before!

“Hello, strangers! How dare you come to visit a queen without advance notice? And look at your outfits! They are not proper for visiting a queen!

“We didn’t know we would have this honour! We got lost while exploring!” Noni said.

“Well, we actually came here because our school bus broke down, and we thought exploring this forest would be fun. That’s is how we got here!” Dogo exclaimed while bowing low to the queen.

“I guess you are right! You are from the Kingdom of Clumsiness, if I might make a guess! I must tell you a short prophecy that my great-grandfather, King Iago the Third, told me a hundred years ago:

There will come a time when no baby biscuits will be born and a time when the inhabitants of the United Kingdom of Biscuits will be so old that they won’t be able to work any longer. When that day comes, our beloved kingdom will disappear. Our salvation is in the hands of the KC!

“My dear visitors, I think that you are the ones who can save our kingdom and help us find the magical ingredient for the baby biscuits!” said the queen with a look of hope and tears in her blue eyes.

“Unfortunately, we have no special powers! We are regular bears. We just go to school, play, explore nature, and that’s all!” Noni said.

“Noni, think about what we have built back home! Our flour machine! What if we could bring the machine here to Her Majesty’s baobab palace and use it to give life to the baby biscuits!” exclaimed Dogo with enthusiasm in his voice!

“It is a deal,” both of the visitors assured the queen!

“You have offered me priceless gifts of hope and joy in my heart! Farewell, and be back soon. I will be waiting for you here!”


Noni and Dogo said goodbye to the queen and hurried to catch the school bus. Now, you may be wondering if they managed to find their way back once again to the United Kingdom of Biscuits. I will tell you a little secret. Not only did they manage to do so, but please have a look in the basket below:








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  1. Hi! I appreciate that you let the readers use their imagination for the rest of the story. I like your work of art. And the bear cubs are cute, creative and curious. Keep up the good work, Georgia!

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