Mister Cloudy

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By Georgia Lohan

Hello! My name is Cloudy, and I am surely the bravest cloud you’ve ever met! That’s because I can have whatever shape I want. I can be oval, square, or even rectangular! My special power was given to me by my best friend, Sky, who gives me a special potion, called Limitless, each morning.

My favorite hobby is to look down at the people and offer them rain. Do you know why? Because they need to wash away all the pain they’ve been through and maybe wake up from the bad dream they had.

Now let me tell you one funny story. I once called my pretty cousin, Rainbow, and said, “Look at those children having a disagreement! Please pay them a visit, and I am sure that once they see you, they will stop fighting!”

She gladly accepted, but after only 10 minutes, she came back because the children had never looked up.

Then I said, “You should make yourself twice as big, and I am sure that you will be luckier this time!” Unfortunately, she came back with the same response. No one had noticed her!

Dear Reader,

Tell me…how can Mister Cloudy improve your day? Let’s make a deal:

  1. Let’s say you can help me each morning by looking up! Not only is it great exercise for your neck but I promise to offer you a big, funny smile!

  2. Learn how to love Reina. I forgot to mention her before. She is my wife, and yes, I know, sometimes she can be moody and unpredictable, but she is the best! She will definitely help you look wilder, more adventurous, and stunning!

  3. Don’t forget about Sunnix! He is my brother-in-law, and he will help me improve your days!

  4. Don’t blame us! We are a great team, and you are most welcome to be a part of our team—if you agree to the deal!

Sky will always be there for you, and I, the one and only Mister Cloudy, will take care to put a smile on your face! And Reina, my amazing wife, oh well, we will talk about her later!

Look up, gentle reader, and enjoy our fantastic team!

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  1. It’s nice to admire the clouds and the rainbow. I like the light summer rain and to imagine the clouds having all kinds of shapes. I have some other advice that I can give Mr. Cloudy, namely: to walk in the rain, not during thunderstorms or pouring rain, but gentle rain because it can power up your immune system and the second advice is to always do sports (not professional sports) to be in shape and to stay healthy.

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      Lovely advice! I am sure that Mister Cloudy appreciates your advice! Have you read The story of The Seven Clouds? I hope that you loved that one as well!

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