by Georgia Lohan

There once was a little boy named Max and he was living with his parents not far away from the already known Kingdom of Clumsiness.

He was blonde with amber eyes. He wore a dark blue hat on his head and he was always wearing a yellow backpack with him. This backpack would serve him for the moments when he found interesting rocks ,  that could be added to his already impressive collection.

 Max didn’t have many friends and  he was feeling very lonely sometimes. All he wanted to do was to explore the amazing forest surrounding his city. His parents warned him that he was not allowed to explore the forest before finishing primary school. Max couldn’t wait for so long as he was still in kindergarten and one day he decided to take a walk just to see the entrance to this so called magical forest.

He took his yellow bike and was feeling so happy to finally be able to get closer to the forest. Once he arrived at what he believed to be the entrance he heard a voice:

-Hello, my brave little boy! Please, come closer! I have a gift for you!

-Who are you? Max asked with his voice shaking.


-Are you real?

-I am just as real as the birds dancing beneath the trees or the sun that smiles every day for me.

The little boy decided to go meet Evora and see what the gift was about.

As he entered the forest he could easily tell that it was a magical one. The trees had arms and were holding into each other, the leaves had all the colours that you could imagine and even the wind seemed to be friendlier. He followed a path made out of purple leaves and he hoped that it will lead him to Evora. Suddenly the path stopped in front of two oak trees that looked like soldiers. They leaned out to Max and said:


-Welcome, Max! You are here for a reason and we are so happy to finally meet you.

They made a new path so that Max and his bike could have enough space to move forward. He could see a shadow…it was round and had golden margins.

He was scared and decided to stop and ask for Evora`s help:

-Evora, who is this? I think it would be better for me to go home right now.

-Don`t worry my little boy, there’s nothing you should be afraid of. Evora replied with a low voice.

-Hello! Who are you? I am James.

From the shadows, came out a talking and walking mirror. It was round, with golden margins and blonde long hair.

-Oh! That`s awesome! You can talk! Max ran into his new friend and hugged him.

-You are too kind! Can you see your reflection? Do you realise how courageous you are? I am so glad that you paid us a visit! Me and Evora knew that this day would come. From now on, I want you to bring me in you world and show all the children that they all have a beautiful heart and they deserve to feel like heroes.

Max and James said goodbye to Evora and their new adventure just began!

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  1. Hi! I like the story. It reminded me of the forests at the mountainside and near my hometown. I feel so happy whenever I take a walk there and hear the birds singing. Nature always relaxes me.

    1. I really think that the benefits of nature are infinite and we have to take advantage of every chance we have to be surrounded by a forest, a magical lake or..who know what other kingdoms?! I wish you a lot of inspiration, Georgiana

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