Max and Vivi Discover the Lost Garden of Rafalandia

By Georgia Lohan
Dedicated to all the brave children who are not afraid to colour their dreams


Once upon a sun, two of the most famous inhabitants of Rafalandia decided to take a walk along the velvety pink roads. Vivi, the most talented artist in the land, and Max, the explorer, had been friends since kindergarten. They both appreciated this friendship so very much and always made time for each other! When Vivi wasn’t teaching Max how to magically draw, they were wandering along the roads of Rafalandia. But what Max loved the most was the story that Vivi told about the colours that are best friends! Maybe she will share this story with you another time.

On this certain Wednesday, they decided to pursue a forbidden road in the kingdom. As they were walking, a maze appeared before them. They sat for several minutes in front of a round-topped gate that was covered with flowers and fireflies.

“Hello? Anybody here?” Max tried to call for help.

Since they didn’t get an answer, they began to move along the slippery path and hoped for the best. After only a few minutes, they could see in front of them what seemed to be a formal garden. Everything was lined up evenly and seemed to be cut into perfect shapes. Vivi and Max admired the perfection of this lost garden but could not figure out who the talented gardeners were. Suddenly, they heard a strange noise coming from four long shadows. As Vivi and Max came closer, they saw the four most elegant vegetables they had ever seen:

A potato dressed in a shiny red suit with sparkling water on it

A pumpkin dressed in a cute pink lacy dress

A carrot with a silvery suit and a golden hat

And one funny red pepper whose green moustache matched his pants in the same colour and wore a white silk shirt



“Hello!” said Vivi while reaching for the potato’s hand. “My name is Vivi, and my friend Max and I are so glad that we have discovered this amazing garden! Are you the ones who take care of it? It’s amazing!”

“Yes, we are the ones in charge of all these splendours,” the potato replied.

“Thanks to us, everything looks perfect! Just like us!” exclaimed the carrot as he tipped his golden hat.

Vivi, with tears in her eyes, looked at Max and said to him, “Max, I think that we are not welcome here since these four are perfect! Let`s go. Maybe we can explore another garden of Rafalandia. I feel like there’s something really missing here!”

“Wait a second,” said the pumpkin. “This is just the entrance of the garden. There is still more…“

But she could not finish what she wanted to say because the red pepper interrupted them: “Oh that is nonsense! These children do not need any imperfect vegetables! Who would want to meet the tasteless broccoli or the pale spring onion, not to mention the colourless beetroot?”

“I do!” said Max with excitement in his voice. “I think that all vegetables should be loved by children and that all of you are special! I feel like you are hiding something from us.”

“Well, maybe you deserve to know the truth since you came this far,” the potato conceded as he looked for confirmation from the other three perfect vegetables.

“Fine!” they all exclaimed.

So the potato began his story: “Many years ago, when the Lost Garden of Rafalandia was first brought to life, we used to live all together. Who? All the vegetables! But since children from other kingdoms rarely preferred to eat the weirder vegetables, our perfect vegetable team decided to lock the others in a cage and keep them as prisoners until someone asked for them! In my heart, I now know that this day has come!”

“Mister Potato and you other fantastic and perfect vegetables, we would be honoured to return back home to tell other children this story and also introduce to them to the forgotten vegetables.” Vivi came up with this fantastic idea as Max held her hand.

“We will make all of you famous! What does it matter of you? You are perfect if you stay here for the rest of your life and no one knows how amazing you all are?” Max continued.

“You’re right! I will set them free,” the pumpkin said with a bit of joy and excitement in his voice.

“YOLOMOLOHUUUUU! YOLOMOLOHUUUU!” the members of the perfect team shouted toward a cage that hung on an apple tree’s branch.

From one corner of the garden, three vegetables appeared:

A broccoli with such a messy head that you could barely see his eyes

A pale spring onion that was so skinny that her blue suit didn’t fit




A beet that looked like a queen with a crown on her head and a white dress that was missing some sparkles

Without a word, Max and Vivi hugged these three vegetables, and miraculously, they all regained their sparkle!

“This is truly the power of friendship and love! I think that we should all go together to visit every kingdom so that all children will know that all vegetables are amazing and that there are no perfect or imperfect vegetables!” Suddenly the red pepper had become full of wisdom!

As they smiled at each other, they took the pink velvet road that would bring them all to the centre of the city of Rafalandia. There, together with Max and Vivi, they would sing the song of the happy vegetables!

Max and Vivi knew that there were other wonderful vegetables hidden there! Can you guess their names?


Here is where you can find another story with Max:

Vivi, the little artist is the creation of Rafael’s amazing illustrator and can be found here:

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  1. Hi! I like the story because it teaches children that each vegetable is delicious and is full of vitamins and that children shouldn’t judge them because of the way they look like. They should taste them first. The idea with the colors isn’t bad either. Children could learn about vegetables and colors at the same time. Vivi’s ability to do magical drawings and paintings kind of makes me wish I had the ability to bring to life everything I draw, write and imagine.

    1. Indeed, Vivi is such a wonderful artist! I invite you to Andra’s page (link is provided in the bottom of the story) and admire more illustrations with her! Thank you once again for your support and constantly feedback with the stories!

      1. You’re welcome! I’ve seen Andra’s page and her drawings are a work of art. You and Andra sure make a good team. I wish that I had someone whom I can trust and team up with like you and Andra are.
        Oh well. I guess we can’t have everything. Thank you for brightening up my day with your stories.
        I wish you all the best!

        Your friend,

        1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Indeed, I am lucky to have such an amazing collaboration with Andra and I hope that we will share creative Tales for the Soul for all our readers!
          p.s. I am lucky that you are reading and reviewing all my stories! I really appreciate it!

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