Kayden, the Bravest Boy

By Georgia Lohan

Once there was a kind little boy named Kayden who lived with his family at the border of the Kingdom of Clumsiness. What a lucky little boy to have the privilege of living near the most famous kingdom of them all!

He was one of the most ambitious students in his class. He loved reading and listening to stories, but what he loved most of all was playing a game called Tomodachi, which he had invented himself. Let me tell you a little bit about the rules of this game:

First of all, you would choose a friend from your class and tell him or at least five things that begin with the words thank you. All of his classmates loved this game, and even the teachers would begin the school day with Tomodachi!

Everything was super fun until one day Kayden’s parents decided to take their little son to an ophthalmologistthat amazing doctor who prescribes glasses! After the consultation, the doctor decided that Kayden needed to wear glasses.

When Kayden heard this, he wasn’t very excited, but he resolved to make the best of it. The next day, he went to school wearing his new blue glasses, and of course he invited his friends to play a round of Tomodachi! But this time he could not focus on saying thank you to his friends. All he could think was, I wonder what my friends think about me! I am so afraid to talk to them. I should probably give up on even playing this game.

He went outside and sat alone on a bench in the flower-filled courtyard of his school. He knew that he would never have the courage to play this wonderful game again. He felt his glasses tingling a little bit, and then they became steamy and began to glow!

Kayden, please go inside the classroom and play the game,” an encouraging voice whispered to him. The blue glasses could talk!

That’s awesome,” said the little boy. From now on, I’ll have the best partner for my game, Kayden thought.

He decided to join his friends to play Tomodachi, only this time he changed the rules just a little bit: After each of his friends shared their thank you message, they would have to share a fear they had! Then each of their friends would offer encouragement.

Kayden began the game: “Thank you, everyone! I feel so lucky that I am your friend and that we have the chance to share both our fears and our joys!”

From that day forward, Kayden gladly accepted wearing his glasses, and from time to time, he would even share with his classmates the whisperings of his magical glasses!

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  1. I like the story. It reminded me about the time I first wore glasses and I was afraid that everyone will laugh at me.

    1. Kayden is a real boy that inspired me to write this story! I am sure that from now on, he will be more confident that glasses can sometimes bring a little bit of magic in our lives ! I hope that you enjoy wearing them right now!

      1. There are times when I enjoy wearing glasses, others that I don’t. I simply prefer to not have problems with my eye sight.

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