Jimmy, the Little Boy Who Stole Winter

There once was a little boy named Jimmy who lived with his parents near a beautiful lake named Grace. He used to take a walk every day after school and would stand for hours staring at the immensity of Grace as he admired the purity of this turquoise lake. But what Jimmy loved the most, even more than this beautiful lake, was wintertime!

It was the most amazing time of the year! He loved to build snowmen, go sledding, have a snowball fight with his friends, and go skating on Lake Grace.  One day after skating with his friends he thought, Wouldn’t it be great if it was winter all the time? I wish all the other seasons would disappear!

As the days went by, all of Jimmy’s friends waited for spring to come…but surprise! It was still wintertime! Jimmy knew then that his wish had come true!

Jimmy went outside and built an amazing snowman and told his frozen friend, “From now on, you will never leave me! We will have fun together all year long!”

Everything seemed perfect, but as the months went by, Jimmy’s parents began to get so tired of going into the forest to pick up firewood. His friends always had colds, so there was never anybody on the streets that he could play with. Even the school was closed because the roads were blocked by the heavy snow.

Jimmy was upset and would have really loved to go to Lake Grace to skate, but it was freezing outside, so he stood by the fireplace instead, thinking about what he had done.

Suddenly, he could hear the doorbell ringing. Jimmy grabbed his fluffy blue blanket and rushed to the door. He slowly opened it so the wind-tossed snowflakes would not blow into his house. The little boy could not believe his eyes when he saw that three beautiful girls at his door.

The first one had long hair that hung down her back, and she wore a beautiful dress made out of colourful flowers and a shiny pink hat on her head. Another had short brown hair and wore a yellow dress. On her head, she had a crown. The third one was the tallest among the three. She had red hair and was wearing a maroon blouse and a skirt made out of leaves. Her hair was decorated with pears and apples.

“Who are you?” Jimmy asked.

The three fascinating girls responded one by one:

“I am Spring!”

“Hello, Jimmy! My name is Summer!”

“Hi! I am Autumn!”

Jimmy was shocked! So these three girls are the seasons of the year? What are they doing here? he thought.

Autumn came in first and began to explain, “We are here because you have captured our sister, Winter, and we want her back! We miss her so much. We love that each one of us only stays for three months.”

“But I didn’t do anything! I just made one wish!” Jimmy protested.

“Your wish came true! Lake Grace is magical, and it heard you! Now go to your room and look under your bed!”

Jimmy hurried to his room and looked under his bed. A beautiful girl with icy grey hair was lying there shivering.

“Don’t tell me! You are the fourth sister, Winter!”

The girl nodded her head in response. The little boy guessed that her voice had frozen, and this was why she could not speak.

He grabbed her hand and helped her out to her sisters. They hugged one another and thanked Jimmy for saving the seasons.

“Little boy, you should be very careful what you wish for because everything that you think has an echo in nature!”

Jimmy was so surprised by what had happened that all he could do was wave goodbye to the four sisters as they left his room. While he stood by his window and watched them go, he could see his snowman melting and songbirds arriving on the horizon. It was clear that Queen Spring was arriving with all the miracles of the season!

The little boy didn’t tell anyone that his wish was the reason for a full year of winter, and he always wondered how Winter had come to be under his bed….



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  1. Hi! I like the story. It kinda reminded me about one of the poems I’ve wrote. I have to admit that winter is my favorite season because I like snow and the winter holidays, and I also get many ideas for my writings.

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