Help your child develop a purpose



By Georgia Lohan


We all want a purpose in this world and your child is no different. Knowing that they have a purpose shows them that they are uniquely needed and have a role to play in society. So, how do you help them develop a purpose?

Ask lots of questions

Your goal when helping your child develop a purpose is to lead them down the path. You cannot do the work for them and you should tell them what to do. To do this you need to ask them lots of open-ended questions. You want to get them thinking and learning how to question things. Some children are known for constantly asking “why?. This can get annoying to parents, but it’s something we should be teaching children to do.  The more children question things the more they will be able to determine their own thoughts and feelings about specific issues.

Help them determine their priorities

This goes along with asking lots of questions. You may think you know what the purpose of your child is, but it will not mean anything coming from you. Your child needs to discover it on their own. When you ask the right questions, you can help your child think through what their purpose is in life. They will be able to think about what their passions are and what they care about. Once they know their priorities it will help them to discover their purpose.

Let them try things

Many parents are guilty of not allowing their children to try enough things. These parents are in the habit of guiding their children to the activities that they want them to be involved in. Sometimes this guidance is necessary to get them to participate in events, but you should let your child have some control over this. Encourage them to try lots of new things. You never know what untapped potential and interest is lying within them. The more they try the more they will be able to rule out what they don’t enjoy and care about and find the things that they do.

Show them the difference they can make

Children will feel discouraged if they feel like they cannot make a difference. It’s hard enough for adults to really believe that we can make a difference in the world, and we don’t want children to experience this as well. Look up stories to share with them of children that have done something extraordinary in the world. Show them that even one person can have a positive impact on others.


Help them identify and build their skills and abilities

Each person in the world is gifted with their own and unique gifts, skills, and abilities. If you want to help your child find their passion start by helping them identify what their skills are. Have them find what makes them unique. Then, encourage them to continue to grow in these areas. We often spend too much time trying to improve our weaknesses and not enough time continuing to build our strengths. Teach your child how to recognize and grow their strengths.

Help your child build self-confidence

It’s important to teach your child to be confident. For them to step into their purpose in the world they need the confidence to be who they are. You don’t want to teach your child to be a people pleaser. Instead, help them learn to recognize the things that they succeed in and then to build confidence from seeing they are capable. When they build true confidence that is not based on the opinions of others will help them to find their own purpose and not be worried about what others think.

Remember that this is not something that you should force. Do not try to make your child take on a purpose that you think they should have. Their passions and skills are most likely going to be different from yours, so help them do what is a good fit for them.


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