The factory of dreams

It all began 10 years ago when people stopped believing in their dreams.

Ralphy was a very innocent dinosaur that founded the factory of dreams. He had a tremendous success, and this is why an online shop was created so that everybody could order their desired dream.

This wonderful factory was situated on top of the highest mountain of the Kingdom of Clumsiness and winged yellow unicorns delivered the dreams. In the facty there were working 100 amazing creatures: penguins, dinosaurs, caterpillars, mice! Ralphy really wanted all his friends to be part of this beautiful dream of his that became reality: The factory of dreams.

Now, let me tell you about the great variety of dreams that you could find there:

–          Big dreams from childhood

–          Small dreams that involved travelling

–          Ambitious dreams

–          Inspirational dreams

They came in all forms, shapes and colours and this was not everything. You could choose the dream you wanted, wrap it in a box that had a personalised ribbon and then have it delivered at your door by a yellow unicorn.

Not only adults but also children loved the idea as it gave them the opportunity to choose and shape in a box whatever dream they had. Most of the times they didn`t even open the boxes, but they kept them in the living room as a gentle reminder of the dream they had. There were customers that had one room full of dreams nicely wrapped in colourful boxes. Ralphy was doing his best to offer his customers the loveliest boxes and it seemed like he was having the time of his life. All of these until he got a very strange letter.

It was packed in a light blue envelope and it had pink flowers drawn on it.

TO: The terminator of Dreams, Mister Ralphy

FROM: Lilly


He stared at the envelope for almost half an hour and could not figure out who was Lilly. He decided to open the envelope and read the letter. It was written with a pen on a grey piece of paper also decorated with flowers.

Dear Mister Ralphy,

I am writing this letter to you as all my friends got for Christmas your so-called amazing boxes filled up with dreams.  Did you know that none of my friends opened the presents but decided to keep them under the bed and to admire them from time to time, in their beautiful package? But what about fulfilling the dreams? Tell me, have you thought about wrapping that in a colourful paper too?

I want to let you know that you were wrong this whole time. People cannot buy a dream in a box and then pretend that they are happy afterwards, that they have achieved what they have imagined. You are the terminator of dreams, you only care about the package, not about what`s inside it. Have you thought about helping people to set their dreams free and really follow them? Well, I did. This is why I decided to write you this letter and I would really love to meet you. Let`s figure out a solution that can be followed by all of those who bought the boxes. FREE THE DREAM.

Mister Ralphy, I would really appreciate your prompt response and I am looking forward to meeting you.



P.S. Let`s set the dreams free and create a better world for all of us!

Ralphy had tears in his eyes and could not believe that during this all these years, he had been trapping hundreds of dreams without knowing that people would never open the boxes. Inside the envelope there was a picture of Lilly and under it was written:

This is a picture of a girl that will never lock her dreams in a box.

Lilly had long blonde hair, braided and big dark blue eyes. She had a maroon dress with white dots and silvery boots.

From the very moment he looked into her eyes, Ralphy knew that she was telling the truth and he had too meet her. He immediately wrote a quick note for her: I am waiting for you tomorrow morning at the entrance of the factory.

The next morning, he was feeling so nervous as he waited for Lilly at the entrance of the Factory of dreams, wearing a grey costume and a white shirt with a red bow. Lilly was brought by her father and left in from of the factory`s gate. She was carrying a pink bag decorated with yellow peonies and butterflies.

As she reached the gate, she had a big smile on her face and she ran and hugged Ralphy who was at least three times taller than her.

-Nice to meet you too, Lilly, he said.

They both went inside Ralphy`s office, where he had already made a tea served in cups that were flowered shaped.  The little girl started the conversation with a shaking voice:

-Ralphy, do you know why I wrote you the letter and why I came to you? This is why!

She suddenly opened the bag and set in order thousands of photos with both children and adults that were admiring the boxes made by Ralphy. The funny thing about the pictures was the fact that they were also taken as if the characters were not aware of it. Ralphy could easily read the sadness in the children’s eyes and the disappointment of the adults. He only had one question on his mind:

-Why aren`t they opening the boxes? Inside them, they can find the dream they have ordered and they can follow it.

-Because they are lacking the courage and they fear they will not succeed. They are afraid they are not powerful enough to pursue their dreams – Lilly replied with kindness in her voice.

-I have a plan, shouted Ralphy. We will invite all those who have bought our boxes to a beautiful festival called: Free your dream. And you, my dear friend Lilly, will help me organize it. Tell me what do you think?

-I think it’s a great idea! We need two weeks to send all the invitations and to make sure that everything will go according to our plan.

The two of them went in the office and started planning the big festival. In two weeks everything was ready. The festival took place in the big yard of Ralphy`s factory. Lilly`s idea about decorating with pink balloons and silvery chairs was embraced by all the participants.

Ralphy wanted to have his first words and he said the following words, visibly touched:

Thank you all for being here today. It is such an important step as you will set your dreams free from the box and you will be able to pursue them as nothing can stop you. From now on, the Factory of dreams will offer support for all those who are afraid to follow their dreams. I want to thank my friend Lilly who had this idea and who helped me realise that I was doing a mistake. Let`s count together to 10 and then I will ask all of you to open the boxes: 10..9…8..7…6..5…4…3…2..1!!!

Everybody opened the boxes and they flew away into the sky. Some of the dreams danced on clouds, some of them smiled and embraced their owners. Ralphy really felt that this is the happiest day of his life! From that moment on the festival Free your dreams takes place every year. Even though Ralphy doesn`t craft boxes anymore, he offers support to all of the children and the adults that are afraid of following their dreams. Lilly is the one in charge of organizing the festival and making sure that everyone around her is pursuing his dreams.

What about you, my dear friend, what is your biggest dream?

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  1. Hi! I like the story. The characters are fun and the plot reminded me of the businessmen who think their products are good without consulting the customers’ opinions first.

  2. Oh, I forgot to answer the question. One of my biggest dreams is achieving my goal as a translator and well, as a poet if anyone thinks I’m one.

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