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This is a story about a joyful cow.

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Dolga is one of the most wonderful cows in the universe! You know why? Because she is always smiling! You may be wondering why is she so special since almost all the cows are having a surprisingly beautiful smile and they are not afraid of showing it. Oh well, let me tell you her extraordinary story.

Dolga was born in Lavandia, at Donny’s farm. He was a well-know farmer because his cultivation of strawberries was the largest one in the country. He used to wake up every day at 6 a.m to harvest the strawberries by hand. After that, he would go into the barn to check on the cows. He had 3 cows: Lola, Sammy and baby Dolga.

Donny was making sure they had enough water and grass. He talked to them and always smiled at the thought that in a few days he will take Dolga for a walk to show her the strawberries cultivation and to introduce her to the other animals (who were preparing an awesome party for her). He still couldn’t understand why there wasn’t any smile on her face even though she was 1 month old. That’s why he called the veterinarian and asked for his advice, which was the following one:

– I don`t know what to say, Donny, maybe she is going to be a sad baby-cow. There`s no cure for that. Let`s wait a few more days, if she won`t smile, just be aware that you won`t have a joyful cow.

The farmer was so preoccupied that he couldn’t sleep at night. He was concerned, thinking that he might have done something wrong and that’s why Dolga wouldn`t smile.  The week passed and still no progress was made. He had to take Dolga outside the barn and present her the farm he was so proud to have. He talked to her and she slowly walked towards the door while keeping her head down. They went outside and the sun was eager to meet Dolga, the birds were singing and the landscape was similar to a wonderland.

Donny said:

– Look up, Dolga, all the animals at the farm have gathered around to give you a welcome party. I am eager to see if my strawberries have prepared you a happy dance or a passionate tango. Tell me, what have I done wrong?

Baby Dolga replied with a sad voice:

–  Oh, Donny, you are a great farmer! It`s my fault…I don`t have a beautiful smile. I will definitely disappoint you. I have crooked teeth! I cannot present myself this way in front of my future friends. Please, take me back to the barn.

Donny had tears in his eyes. He felt so relieved and said:

– But Dolga, you are perfect just the way you are! I feel so lucky to be the farmer that takes care of you and no matter the flaws you might have, you will always be my perfect baby-cow. And before the party begins, let me tell you something: Tomorrow morning we will go to the doctor to get you a retainer and fix your teeth.

Dolga was crying, visibly touched and a big smile appeared on her face.

– Donny, I think I am ready now! I do believe that my friends are going to like me just the way I am! Thank you for this priceless lesson that you just gave me: for every problem I have, there is a solution!

And so they went to the party and the strawberries had a fantastic show: they danced, they sang and they composed poems, all of that in honor of their new friend: Dolga!

P.S. Don`t forget to always smile and believe that you are perfect just the way you are!

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  1. Hi! I like the story. It reminded me of one of my cousins who had to wear braces when she was at high school. She was embarrassed at first, but she got used to it. Now she doesn’t wear it anymore. I like the idea of accepting people the way they are even if they have a problem and have to do all sorts of things to solve them, or as in the story they have to undergo weird treatments to heal themselves. Keep on writing, Georgia!

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      1. Thanks! You too, Georgia. I promise that I will keep on writing and posting poetry on my group as well, even if I’m going on vacation between July 19th till August 17th. Have a nice day!

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