Color theory with Vivi



My name is Vivi and I’m an artist.

My days are filled with colorful adventures in the forest trying to learn more about the colors.

I love to paint! The unusual fox, the squirrels, and the brave mouse are my friends and they all help me understand how to be an artist.

Let me show you a few colorful adventures with my friends.




Do you know what an artist is?

An artist is someone who creates art, whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination, that’s what the unusual fox told me.

He is a little…. unusual, but I learned from him that I must be patience when I’m mixing the colors.

Do you want to know what I learned so far?

Colors are friends!

Let me tell you about the primary colors who are used to create all other colors.

The colors are red, yellow and blue.

You can find these colors in nature, fruits and objects all around you.




The primary colors are unable to be created through mixing of any other colors.

Let me tell you a secret. By mixing the primary colors together, they create other colors, such as the secondary colors, which are green, orange and violet.



You can find these colors in nature, fruits and objects all around you.





Pssst! I must go now.

The squirrels are preparing a new lesson about complementary colors.

I heard these colors are best friends.


You can explore my universe here:


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    1. Hello Kitty! Thank you for you kind words! Please, let us know if you have any suggestions and which type of stories would you like to read on the website! Sending you my warmest regards, Georgia

  1. Hi!

    I like the story and it’s educational too. The fox reminded me about the fox from “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, who is also the symbol of friendship and wisdom. Vivi is adorable and she’s also the image of creativity.
    Keep on writing!

    Your friend,

        1. I would really love to know that throughout my stories I can bring a little sunshine in your life! P.s. Don’t forget that after rainy days a rainbows appears on the sky! Embrace optimism with all your heart as better days are coming!

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