Barry the Berry

Barry was a berry who had a hat shaped like a strawberry!

He really loved to stay in the library and

write poems about Razzy the raspberry.

Razzy had no idea that one berry

could make her feel so merry.

But one day she decided to go

and spy on him from the window!

Little did she know

that the brave Barry

asked his canary

to go outside and see

if the berry of his poem

had finally come to join him.

From the library’s window,

Razzy felt so very shy

and little did she know why!

The orange canary whispered,

“Go inside! I am not a wizard, but I can easily see

that you will make Berry so happy!”

Razzy went inside and stood by Barry’s side!

He grabbed her hand and smiled so wide!

And so together they began to write

of how a berry fell in love with a raspberry one night.


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    1. Hello, Megan! For the moment we are preparing some surprises but I cannot reveal a publishing date! If you want to always keep in touch with us, please follow our Facebook page or Instagram @rafaeltheunicorn
      P.s. Can you make us some suggestions of what types of heroes does your kid love? Send us an email of PM. We really want to improve our stories and make children happy!

  1. It’s soo cute! It’s the type of love story I like. The one that refers to love as something innocent and pure, not like how many see it these days. You’ve really outdone yourself, Georgia!

    1. I think that sometimes this love is possible with a little bit of faith and courage! I am sure that you loved the fact that Barry was an artist as well! Do you think that I should write another story with Barry? Thank you for all you suggestions and for being part of Rafalandia!

      1. Yes, you should write another story with Barry. I agree that love is possible with a little bit of faith and courage because most people are afraid to express their true feelings to their loved ones. People should have faith in each other, be honest and respect each other. That is the meaning of true love in my opinion. And yes. I like it that Barry was an artist and that he used it as a way to express his feelings to Razzy in a creative way.

        1. I am so happy that you enjoyed this story! I am thinking abut writing another story and I will keep you posted! I wish you an inspiring week!

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