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Welcome to Rafael the Unicorn! We believe that you will find this website different than many others that you come across. It is designed with you and your child in mind. We understand how difficult it is to raise a child in this challenging world. Therefore, our focus is on all that is positive. Our desire is to encourage you and your children to live inspired. We want to make it easy for you to help your child enjoy and develop all of the natural good that is within them.

Rafael the Unicorn is for children and parents

Our website was designed for the brave parents who never give up. Stories are a great way to connect with your child because they provide teachable moments for you to guide their young hearts and minds. The stories you will find on Rafael the Unicorn are full of inspiration, happiness, and magic. Each story addresses a challenge that children might face in life while showing the beauty of the world and the positive impact that they can have on others. Therefore, teaching and empowering children in their actions.

Our fairytales are a reminder that strength, passion, and patience are key ingredients for a great life! Children should be inspired to follow their dreams. They should be shown the beauty of the world and encouraged in their passion and creativity. That’s what our stories strive to do. They are written for the ambitious children who are the discoverers of tomorrow, and all who did not forget the beauty of living life to the fullest.

Your map to Rafael the Unicorn

Since this is a place for both adults and children we want to make it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for:

Tales for the Soul

When you visit Tales for the Soul a door will be opened to a fairytale world. You and your children will find short stories that are uplifting and powerful. This is a place where you can come to teach your children and also be reminded of important life lessons yourself. The stories will spark imagination, encourage creativity, and motivate your spirit and soul. They encourage dreamers to dream and encourage the importance of storytelling. These stories are full of wisdom and lessons that all ages can benefit from.

Happy Bubbles

As parents, we know that our children need to be inspired, motivated, and encouraged, but the truth is, so do we. In the Happy Bubbles section, you will find the practical advice, tips and the inspiration that you have been searching for. These articles are short, easy to read, and worth your time. If you are looking for help and information in a specific area, please let us know. This is a place for parents to connect and help encourage and support one another.


Letters to Rafael

Rafael the Unicorn loves to hear from you. When you visit Letters to Rafael, you can subscribe to receive notification as new inspirational stories and articles are published. You can also offer your input. We love to hear what you are enjoying on the site and hear what else you would love to see featured on the site. Which characters do you children want to see more of? What ideas would your little one like to see come to life in front of them? We are all natural storytellers at heart and we encourage participation. Feel free to send us your ideas because we are better together.

We want you and your children to live inspired!

We dare you to live inspired daily. Read our motivational stories and articles.  Get your dose of happiness and share it with others. Create a special bond with your child as you dare to dream together. Work with each other to find ways to embrace creativity and inspire others to do the same.

Let`s create together a safe community where we can share our dreams, fears, and connect with each other while choosing a positive path in life.

Embrace magic, believe in the power of stories, and help children to do the same!

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